About Us

So MATCHA to talk about!  

We started MATCHA FESH for one main reason; it’s hard to find quality Matcha 

We drink it every day just like you! We understand that there are limitless options from where you can purchase, but not all Matcha is created equally. Matcha is meant to be ingested, so if you’re getting it from a tea bag, you may not be reaping all the amazing benefits this superfood has to offer.  We are a very small company specializing specifically in Matcha, so feel free to contact us and share your MATCHA FESH creations with us, we’d love to start a MATCHA FESH loving community where we can exchange recipes, lifestyle tips and more, but we need your help!  

We really appreciate that you come to us, so in turn we provide fair pricing that won’t sacrifice the quality of our product. I’m Mark, founder of MATCHA FESH and I vow humbly to serve you hassle free every sip of the way.